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   Born: December 28th 1998
City Born: Albuquerque New Mexico
Sex: Female
Weight: Poofie
Height: 21 at the hindquarters (not small and not large somewhere in between)
Race: Mutt!!! I look like a Rot with a tail about the size of a collie on steroids with the disposition of a Lab. (Mother was a Collie/lab mix and Father was a Rot/Chow mix)
Marital status: Single Virgin who lives with owner Siege and adopted sister Tabatha the cat and sieges girlfriend and girlfriends girfriend.
Traveled: New Mexico, Tucson AZ, Phoenix AZ, Orange/LA CA, Las Vegas Nevada, Colorado, Utah
Hobbies: Sleeping, wrestling, fighting, eating, sleeping, swimming, camping, hiking, sleeping, 4wheeling.
Favorite pas time: sleeping, being pet, rides in Truck (dogs love trucks!!!)
Favorite hike: All of them I love to sniff all the various smells
Worst hiking experience: Pretending to be a pack mule every time I go out. Burnt my paws in phoenix. Lesson learned wear booties.
Nick Names: Shag bear, wonder mutt, Dog
Special Talents: Understands sign language & understand basic human commands
Job: Be a good dog, watch and protect the house, and make people happy by letting them pet me.


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