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   Our Gear
Note:  This list is not meant to be a recommendation or endorsement.  This is merely a listing of those items which for better or worse we carry with us on our day hikes.

Hydration pack:
b) several Hydro Pack expandable most of my hikes

b) HP digital camera - most pictures are taken with this one
c) Digital binoculars
d) panasonic Luminux

Compass & GPS:
Cobra GPS
Maggelan Meridian Platinum
Silva Ranger Compass with declination locking
Land Navigation (military and civilian) protractor

A topo map - for what ever area we hike
regular guide map - for what ever area we hike
GPS Topo Software

Various items:
A multipurpose tool - Leatherman
A sheath knife
goggles on real windy days normally sunglasses that wrap around
Mini Mag-Flashlight
head lamp led
First Aid kit 1 day 3 person
Small bottle 45 sunblock
small chap stick
small bug repellant
small plastic ziplock bags
flint rock
Small toilet paper roll or baby wipes
(2) 2 way 5 mile radio
(1) full zip lock bag Trail mix
(2) Energy bar
(1) Energy drink
(1) Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich
Cell Phone

hiking pants with zip off legs
a light weight t-shirt
a light weight jacket or ATV dirt bike long sleeve shirts - only on days where the weather is cold
Military desert boots - for the desert hikes
Hiking boot socks
Ball Cap
Watch/digital compas

Hydration Pak
First Aid Kit
Mini Flashlight
Collapsable Walking Stick
Waterproof matches
Sunscreen and Hat

First Aid Kit:
- Mirror
- 8 Gloves
- 2 Ponchos
- Instant Cold Compress
- NonStick Pads
- Elastic Bandage 2"/3"
- Gauze Roll 2"
- Gauze Dressing
- Non-adherent Sterile Pads
- Biofreeze
- Alcohol Prep pads
- Antiseptic wipes
- Scissors
- 2 Tongue Depressors
- Self Adherent Bandage 2"
- Nail Clip


Dog-goggles: for windy days, boat rides and when in the truck with head out window or for when the cap is not on the truck
Booties: Need to protect pads on paws from rough rock, hot pavement, and sticker bushes
Hydration pack: to carry my 70 oz of water, water dish, food, Zip lock bags, brush, snacks, leash
Life vest: for days at the lake swimming and boating
Harnesss: for times when I need help climbing over big rocks

My gear:

Sunblock spf 30+
Comfy socks
Lost Hikers buff
Cannon SLR and Photoshot SD400

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