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   Occupation: Quality Assurance Test Engineer testing credit card processor programs. Works only to live and play.
Height: A Very tall man, about 58
Weight: Heavier then most think
Age: Add the double-digit number together and you come up with 8. Multiply and you come up with 15. Otherwise 30+ Thus I am still a child!
Sex: Male
Place Born: Baltimore baby
Marital status: Single yet dating and living with his girlfriend
Hobbies: Hiking, Camping, Shooting, 4 Wheeling, Mountain biking, Fishing, breaking things, Racing Cars, adventure, and working out.

Best Description: Smart alic with a lot of confidence and common sense. Able to climb short rocks and fall long distance. Sharper then a butter knife and brighter then a burnt out bulb. Follow me and I will lead somewhere, after all I am never lost. I always know where I am. Just, not always sure how to get there.

Redneck Dictionary word: IQ- IQ nothing. I let all go at once.
Favorite Hike: Appellation Trail
Favorite place to Hike: Red Rock Nevada and Zion Utah
Best Hike tale: Learning that someone wiping their sweat off and pointing their hat in one direction does not mean head that way.
Traveled: Yes, in the USA, Mexico, Philipines, and Europe
Favorite Quote: From So-Crates: Those that take offense when offence is not meant are fools. Those that take offense when offense is made are absolute fools.
Favorite Book: Death Dealer & Rules of Prey
Vehicles: 1996 Bronco, 2005 Jeep Wrangler, 2006 Artic Cat 250 & 2007 Yamaha Wolverine

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