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   Age: Older than the rest of these guys but younger than most of the trails we hike

Height: Depends on the hike but usually about 5’8”

Weight: Who really cares?

Birthplace: WisCONsin but grew up in Arizona and practiced adulthood in San Diego. Still practicing adulthood, I hope to have it right in a few more years

Family: Father of three kids, 19, 16, 13

Hobbies: Aside from the obvious, hiking; I like Porsches, skiing and snowboarding (damn kids), fishing, hunting and I am a professional TV remote operator

Favorite Hike: Box Canyon – near the Peralta Trailhead in Apache Junction, AZ

My Travels: Most of the US, Hawaii, the good parts of the Caribbean, Europe and Mexico. Places still “on the list” Costa Rica, Brazil, the Andes and Katmandu because its fun to say

Vehicles: Toyota 4Runner

Nick name origin: You will need to hike with me learn that one

Favorite quote: faschizzle my nizzle, Snoop Dawg

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