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   Age: 36

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: I'm working on it

Birthplace: San Antonio, TX

Family: Divorced and about to RE-marry..........:-)

Hobbies: It would seem working out is a returning hobby and I am SO happy to have it back again! I enjoy the outdoors, who knew? Not my family! Mikey knew!

Favorite Hike: Punchbowls - Santa Paula, CA

My Travels: The first marriage took me from San Antonio to Mississippi. After Mississippi we went to Hawaii ( my heart is still there! After Hawaii we went to CA. Got divorced and now I am in Vegas with these FABULOUS Lost Hikers! :-)

Vehicles: Big Boy aka Ford Expedition

Nick name origin: Obviously it is because of my super speed........BLAZIN down the trails.............harharhar



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