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   Enduring lost hiker who hasn't been quite right since falling down
Mt. Whitney 1800 feet in ten feet of snow. But follow me.. I have
a Beacon, a bright shirt and three guys near by with light up GPS's to help
guide us. The only slight problem might be when the GPS's don't
disclose the dry waterfalls and dead big horned sheep that might
cause a little hurdle or two along the way getting out or getting into the area of the Lost Hiker's Target. You wouldn't want to be bored with us
would you? Don't worry. Those same great guys will lift, tug and
catch all in danger and seven hours later we will all arrive safely at
the trailhead... if you found the trailhead. Some might still be stuck
having climbed up a precarious ledge somewhere.

I like peaks, spinning at high altitudes for a slight rush, red wine,
the John Muir Trail, adventurous hikers, and playing vampire in the
night lost in the forest because we all get cuts when we can't see without
a Beacon!


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