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When: 09 Sep 06
Where: Mt Charleston
What: Trail Canyon Overlook
Distance: 5 mi round trip
The Plan: Meeting Time:We will meet in front of the Cathedral Rock Trailhead at 0900 and be on the trail by 0915. So please be on time.
Difficulty: This hike is going to be a moderate difficulty level up hill most of the way and then return is down hill. This trail follows the Cathedral Rock Trail for some time before detouring just before the base of Cathedral Rock.
Parking: There are two areas to Park one is free the other will cost about $6.00+ The Fee lot starts you at the trail head. If parking in the free lot make sure you do not park in a no parking zone. Fines can be $50.00+ and possibilities of tow. Parking goes quick in the free lot. So, the earlier you get there the better. The parking is near the main lodge at Mt Charleston. Do NOT park at the lodge, car can be towed if not a registered guest.
Dress: dress according to the temps, which should be around 80-90. Wear comfortable hiking shoes/boots/sandals/sneakers. As long as they are designed for hiking or trail running. Bring at least a 1L of water, a power bar, and some other form of protein. Bring what ever else you wish to carry or need. Walking stick, braces, medicines, etc.

There may not be cell service, so call early between 0700-0815 or the night before If there are questions.
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