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When: 05 Apr 09
Where: Red Rock
What: Hike - Fern Canyon
Distance: 3.5 Mi
700 ft
The Plan:
General Info:
This is typically a 3.5 mile hike with a 700 foot elevation gain. This hike starts at the Pine Creek trailhead and follows that trail for a bit until it turns north at Mescalito. There is a lot of bouldering and an obstacle which can be challenging to get around/through/over. For those that conquer the obstacle and press on to the end of the canyon it will be 5 miles round trip.

Currently we are expecting clear and sunny skies with temperatures in the mid sixties.

Take Charleston out to the Red Rock National Conservation Area. The Pine Creek trailhead is 10.7 miles around Scenic Loop Road. We will set off at 1000.


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